Boho Tent DIY - Build Your Own Bohemian Tent & Save $2500

Boho Tent DIY - Build Your Own Bohemian Tent & Save $2500


Our Most Popular Item by far is our bohemian tent.  This handmade boho tent takes quite a bit of skill, time, and expertise to stitch and create.  We decided to hack our skillful design to provide a affordable option that takes less time and still gives you the wonderful boho tent you desire.


What you'll need

1.) rope

2.) knife/scissors

3.) 5-20 tapestries

4.) boho pillows



1.) You'll need bohemian tapestries which you can find by clicking here.

The amount of tapestries you need depends on the size of your tent. If you Want a small tent you will need about 5 tapestries, medium size about 10 tapestries, large size about 15 tapestries, extra large about 20 tapestries


DIY boho tent cut holes

2.) Take your scissors and cut 1 inch away from the edges of each tapestry that will connect to another tapestry.

Depending on the amount of holes requested you can cut anywhere from 3 equally space to 10+ just make sure each hole is equally spaced.

image via: eastcoastdiaries

3.) Connect the tapestry via rope to the edge of the other tapestry.

To connect the tapestry simply tie one rope to the edge of the other tapestry. Align the holes equally.  A simply double know will suffice. You will need about 6-12 inches of rope for each hole. (If you know how to sew, you can sew the edges like we do but this takes more time)

4.) Repeat step 3 on each connecting edge of the tapestry.

 You may need to cut off the edges of some of the tapestries to make it equal on both sides.

5.) Draw a long sturdy line of rope wherever you want your tent placed. Hang tapestry over the line.


6.) Grab a few tapestries and boho pillows which you can find here: Boho Pillows and place under tent


7.) Share via Social Media and Enjoy


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