Active Charcoal Toothpaste Black Twin Lotus 100% Natural - Bright Smiles - Fresher Breath

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Active Charcoal Toothpaste Black Twin Lotus 100% Natural - Bright Smiles - Fresher Breath   Product Description: New Active Charcoal Toothpaste. Triple Action Formula (1.Remove / Kill Bacteria , 2...

Active Charcoal Toothpaste Black Twin Lotus 100% Natural - Bright Smiles - Fresher Breath


Product Description:

  • New Active Charcoal Toothpaste.
  • Triple Action Formula (1.Remove / Kill Bacteria , 2 .Remove Malodor , 3. Mask Malodor ).
  • Remove Bad Breath with ACTIVE CHARCOAL (Activated Carbon Charcoal)
  • Advanced Herbal Extract.
  • Product of Thailand (Ship from Thailand).
"Triple Action Formula (1Remove / Kill Bacteria 2 Remove Malodor 3 Mask Malodor ) with Active Charcoal." TWIN LOTUS HERBALISTE innovation intended of study. Research and development team are herbal and natural expert.The extract value. Equally important is the combination of all the benefits of herbs for oral care and the problems caused. We create and produce healthy, concern-free, eco-friendly oral care products that really work (and that are as pure and clean herb and natural). Our products are also cruelty-free. We display all of the following badges with pride on all of our packaging and innovation.  So you can be sure that no product you buy is kinder to your oral, and to the earth.


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Real Customer Reviews:

I have been using this toothpaste for about a week and the results are very noticeable! It has a funky grape-menthol taste to it, but its completely bearable. The whitening results are real. People actually ask me what I'm using! Highly recommended. - Anthony Sottilare


Smells fruity, tastes odd (kinda herbal?), cleanest teeth EVER. More of a dark grey than a black really. Very liquid, but only takes a small amount to brush with. Arrived quicker than expected. Overall extremely satisfied, would buy again! - K. A. Denam


Received this toothpaste two weeks ago. Went to the dentist office today for teeth cleaning. The Dental Hygienist wanted to know what I was doing differently with my teeth. It was much cleaner around my gum line and I had far less plaque than usual. When the Dentist came in to see me they both wanted to know where to get the toothpaste. - Pat


This product works. After only one week of regular use my teeth are much whiter, very noticeable difference! I've tried every toothpaste and white strips with no results. Just like everyone else says, weird grape Menthol taste that isn't bad but different. I actually kind of like it. Will never use another toothpaste again
- Steven

This is our special line of Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste. This ancient Japanese formula is all natural and specially made right where it was originated from. There is no higher quality, or more authentic version of the bamboo charcoal toothpaste anywhere else in the world! Get it now while we are still offering it at 50% off!

  • How long do I brush my teeth for?
    Gently brush for 2 Minutes, for extra whitening power you can leave it in your mouth for another few minutes before rinsing well. Do not swallow.

    How often can I use it?
    Use as often as needed. Everyday if you like!!

    How much do I use?
    Very little, only cover the tips of your wet toothbrush bristles.

    I have very sensitive teeth/gums, can I use it?
    Yes, Toothpaste is non-irritating, use a soft bristle toothbrush.

    I have braces. Can I use it?
    Wait until the braces come off because it won't whiten underneath the braces. But as soon as they come off give it a go, our users have great results.

    I am pregnant. Can I use it?

    Ingredients are all natural, some organic. In comparison with a regular toothpaste or a teeth whitening product which is full of chemicals is the safest alternative there is. Nevertheless, when pregnant, we recommend you consult your health professional, just for your peace of mind.

    How soon can I see results?
    We are all different, some of our customers notice an immediate improvement, especially when teeth are discoloured, for others it is more of a gradual process.  made up of 100% natural and some organic ingredients and does not make your teeth whiter than natural white. It is not a chemical whitener, it has no bleaching ingredients. works especially well with extrinsic stains on teeth caused by food, drink, tobacco. It is a natural alternative to chemical teeth whitening products. Certain foods and drinks stain teeth, just brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth will also give you that dentist clean feel.



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